Convergence Church exists to encounter Jesus and transform cities with His power and love.

Our desire is for everyone who comes to experience the presence of God and encounter His amazing love. As we experience Him, we are transformed and empowered to share His love with the world.

We are committed to build an apostolic community with a mission to train a radical army of believers living an abandoned lifestyle of deep intimacy with Jesus, producing a transformed life where the miraculous is normal, destinies are fulfilled, and the world is revolutionized by the kingdom of God.

Convergence is a dynamic, Spirit-filled community located at 5745 James Avenue, on the south side of Fort Worth, Texas. The church is about 30 minutes southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). We are a company of people who value and pursue the presence of God and seek to live lives of transformational love that impact the world around us.

Why Convergence?

“Convergence is not simply a name for us. It is a Kingdom reality that we are all beginning to experience together. Convergence is not simply a logo; it is a level in our destiny. The name “convergence” signifies that worshippers of Jesus are coming together AS ONE, and declares the merging together of the Spirit and the Word … the King with His bride … heaven with earth.”


two or more things coming together to make one to tend toward or achieve union or a common conclusion or result

meet our pastors

Steve & Marci Fish

Steve and Marci Fish are passionate about bringing people into their identity and into deeper intimacy with God. They are apostolic leaders who travel internationally speaking and ministering prophetically with a heart to see each generation encounter God and carry His love to all nations. They have been senior pastors at Convergence Church in Fort Worth, TX since 1990. They are proud father and mother of seven amazing kids, one daughter, three sons, three daughters-in-law, and two beautiful granddaughters who are their joy & delight.


  • PRESENCE  – We pursue the presence of Jesus first in our focus, our meetings, and our relationships.


  • COMMUNICATION  – We commit to clear, timely communication that values our vision, our culture, and our relationships.


  • GENEROSITY – We give abundantly out of a heart of love.


  • AUTHENTICITY  – We create an atmosphere for people to be open and honest by leading in vulnerability and transparency.


  • HONOR  – We create healthy culture and relationships by speaking honorable words, engaging in courageous conversations, and valuing honest feedback.
  • HEALTH  – We cultivate health by prioritizing His presence, our families, care for our bodies and hearts, and value for those around us.


  • EMPOWERMENT  – We create a culture where everyone is empowered to live in the fullness of their identity, gifts, and leadership.


  • EXCELLENCE  – We take ownership and responsibility for everything we do to put forth our best.


  • ACCOUNTABILITY  – We remain accountable to each other to pursue purity, integrity, honor, and humility.


  • CELEBRATION  – We make time to share testimonies and celebrate wins.

Our Vision

Convergence exists to encounter Jesus and transform cities with His power and love.

Here are 10 way points that we believe are in our future and help define our vision.

  • We are bringing our city into encounters with God and are igniting fires of revival across our region.
  • We are a house of prayer and worship going ever deeper in the journey of encountering Jesus, seeing in heaven, and releasing what is happening in heaven on the earth.
  • We are equipping our city to have healthy, heart connected families where each generation leaves a legacy and advances beyond the previous one.
  • We are living full of the Holy Spirit, boldly sharing the gospel, setting captives free, flowing in gifts and signs and wonders and reaping abundant harvest.
  • We are known across the earth for new songs, books, teachings, manuals and all types of media that bring people into encounters with Jesus, equip the church and carry practical, life changing revelation.
  • We are training leaders in business and other spheres of culture to move in excellence and bring Kingdom realties that result in city transformation.
  • We are a people of contagious generosity, who proclaim God’s favor, live in overflowing prosperity, and bring abundance to individuals, cities, and nations.
  • We are a multicultural, cross-generational family, meeting in large worship gatherings, online and in homes for the purpose of deeper community, discipleship and neighborhood transformation.
  • We are sending teams out, starting churches, ministry bases, and houses of prayer in the nations so that everyone might encounter Jesus and be transformed through the power of the gospel.
  • We are the convergence of heaven and earth, spirit and truth, the apostolic and the prophetic, so that Jesus may be intimately known, have first place in everything and the earth may be filled with His presence.